School bus transportation

Serving students in the Lanaudière region




Since 2009, Keolis Canada provides safe, reliable and comfortable school bus transportation  to thousands of students in the Lanaudière region, from Kindergarten to Secondary 5.


68170 drivers

150 school buses

All Keolis Canada school buses are equipped with a telemetry and geopositioning system that enhances the safety of the students and drivers by tracking the exact position and speed at which each vehicle is travelling, along with the exact time when each vehicle arrives at and departs from every stop along its route. This telemetry and geopositioning system gives parents the option of using their cell phone or computer to check the location of their children’s school bus in real time.

Our transportation services summarized in a few words:

Safety, Comfort, Professionalism, Expertise, Courtesy, On-time performance, Reliability, Respect for the environment.