Urban transportation

Keolis is a major player in the global intermodal urban transportation industry


Autobus UrbisSpecializing in intermodal urban transportation, Keolis provides communities with customized mobility solutions adapted to the reality of each region and the ever-changing travelling habits of passengers in 16 countries.

Thanks to its presence throughout the trip chain and the attention that it pays to the interconnections between the various modes of transportation, Keolis provides urban users with the most efficient and comfortable travel experience possible.

Keolis Canada

Keolis Canada has been providing urban transportation solutions to communities and transit authorities within the Lanaudière region since 1985, from its beginnings as Lanau Bus and then under the name of Orléans Urbain.

Today, Keolis Canada uses its knowledge and expertise to provide its clients with intermodal urban transportation services. Keolis Canada operates the public transit services for the RCM of L’Assomption, the RCM of Les Moulins and the Conseil régional de transport de Lanaudière (CRTL), among others. This service includes managing bus stations and park-and-ride facilities, along with bus links to STM and STL subway stations and AMT trains.


88More than 200 drivers

130 air-conditioned intercity coaches

Almost 1 million passengers transported every year

An economic and sustainable mode of transportation

Riders who use public transit services rather than a personal vehicle for their travel generate considerable fuel savings and make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Keolis Canada complies with the most stringent environmental standards in the industry, and is committed to adopting a sustainable development approach for all of its activities.

For more information concerning urban transportation services, please visit the Conseil régional de transport de Lanaudière (CRTL) website: www.crtl.gouv.qc.ca