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ION light rail is the first light rail service for Keolis in Canada, operated and maintained by Keolis Grand River. The new light rail network – currently under test – links the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario. 

The Region’s population is expected to grow by 200,000 in the next 20 years, the ION light rail system is crucial in managing this new growth. This state of the art system is the single largest investment in the Region’s history. In addition to providing a reliable and sustainable transit service, the system helps achieve several Regional Objectives that include:

  • Shaping our Community – Light rail is encouraging reurbanization in existing urban areas; since the announcement of ION, more than $2.6bn has been invested along the alignment.
  • Moving People – As the operators of the system, we’ll move people efficiently, comfortably and conveniently.
  • Protecting our Countryside – Light rail is promoting intensification in existing urban areas; we’re helping to preserve the natural beauty of our community.
  • Bettering the Environment – Our vehicles are 100% electric; we’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Region.
  • Managing Urban Growth – The Region is now focused on building up, not out; the light rail corridor is the now the ‘spine’ of development in the area.


Keolis Grand River is proud to help support the Region’s Rapid Transit objectives. As the operator and maintainer of this system, we’re looking forward to enhancing the livability of this community for many years to come.


The ION light rail system at a glance:

  • 19 km network with 19 stations
  • Fleet of 14 low-floor, accessible vehicles will circulate every eight minutes during rush hour
  • 200 passengers can be transported per vehicle

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