At Keolis, we want shared, sustainable mobility solutions to increase the liveability of communities. We’re working hard with every transport authority to build tailored solutions that meet the needs of citizens.

Multimodal networks integrating all forms of everyday mobility

Fewer cars in the cities, easy and enjoyable trips for everyone, everywhere, the freedom to choose how to travel and to combine several means of transport for smooth, seamless journeys. Public transport should be a means of strengthening the dynamism and liveability of communities. To keep this promise, Keolis is developing a multimodal approach to mobility.

We build highly efficient transport plans based on the complementarity of different modes: high-capacity modes to serve the most densely populated areas and the main axes combined with flexible, agile modes connecting the rest of the region to offer mobility solutions for smaller passenger flows.

Keolis’ expertise in multimodality is based on management of urban mobility solutions (bus, automatic metro, tram, parking...) as well as our role as a pioneer in new mobility solutions (dynamic carsharing, real-time transport on-demand, bike sharing, autonomous electric shuttles...).